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  World - Class Music Lessons      


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Welcome to Blacksburg's Premier Music School Offering World-Class Music Lessons by Artist Faculty for all ages and levels of ability in a nurturing environment allowing students to develop and achieve their goals.  


                Serving Blacksburg, The New River Valley and SW Virginia.




Registration is open and ongoing.


How To Register:  Phone or email to set up an appointment.


New Students:  A non-refundable annual registration/tax deductible donation fee is required for all new students along with a completed registration form.


Returning Students:   A non-refundable annual registration/tax deductible donation fee and a completed registration form is required for all returning students.


The registration fee, completed registration form and tuition are required and due on the date of enrollment.  


Late Payment:  A late fee will be assessed after the 15th of the month and for each additional month in which tuition is not paid.


Returned Checks:  PAIVA is charged a penalty fee for any checks returned for insufficient funds. You will be responsible for any additional bank fees. 


Trial Lessons:  A trial lesson is required for new students. There is a trial lesson fee.

The trial lesson allows the student and the Artist Faculty to experience a lesson before committing to a regular lesson schedule.




All music lesson books are selected by PAIVA. Students will purchase lesson books from PAIVA as deemed necessary by PAIVA. Payment is due upon receipt.  




Students are expected to attend classes on a regular basis to ensure progress.  

If your child must miss a class due to illness or an emergency please notify PAIVA as soon as possible prior to class.  A 24 hour notice is requested.  Please email, text or leave a phone message. 


Inclement Weather:  The Performing Arts Institute of Virginia is rarely closed for inclement weather. Please contact PAIVA for confirmation.


Make-Up Policy:  Classes missed due to inclement weather will be made up at a time compatible for both teacher and student or at the end of the school year.  If your child cannot attend a reasonable selection of make up times, the missed lesson will be considered a credit and added at the end of the academic year. Tuition is not prorated for missed lessons.  Any lesson missed as a result of the teacher's absence will be made up. 





 All students are expected to demonstrate an interest in learning which is reflected both in their demeanor at lessons/classes and their at-home preparation.  Lessons/classes are, in part, a give-and-take between teacher and student; we try hard to adapt to the interests and abilities of our students, and we expect students to be similarly flexible in adapting to our expectations. Regular attendance is expected of all students. We will not continue to teach students who are consistently under-prepared, poorly behaved or students that demonstrate inappropriate behavior. 




Parents/guardians are responsible for their own children immediately prior to class and immediately following the end of class.

Parents/guardians are solely responsible for anything that may be damaged, stained, or broken by their children.

Siblings must remain in the lobby with a parent/guardian at all times unless other arrangements have been made and approved by the director.  

Sibling(s) may not be left unattended.  School age children may not leave the premises without a parent or designated guardian. Parents/guardians are expected to meet their children immediately following their lesson/class.




The importance of regular practice cannot be overstated and is essential to any music study. Practice time and practice quality must be sufficient to make clear and observable progress on a weekly basis.

Students of all ages are expected to practice on a regular basis.  At-home practice is a collaborative effort between parent and child. Parents must provide students with a level of supervision necessary for the student to consistently make progress on their assignments. 




Students are selected to perform in recitals upon recommendation  and approval of the director.  Students must be willing to participate in recitals, rehearsals, competitions, special classes and other events at the recommendation of the director.  Some of these may be optional; some may be mandatory. There may be an additional charge for some events.   




PAIVA reserves the right to change a student’s teacher as deemed necessary. PAIVA reserves the right to arrange for lessons to be taught by a teacher other than the student’s regular teacher on occasion or as deemed necessary.




PAIVA will keep your personal information private. We will not loan, rent, or sell your personal information. Photographs of students and parents may be taken for the PAIVA photo album and/or for promotional purposes. 

Audio/video recordings of student performances and music compositions created by students may be retained by PAIVA for educational or promotional use. 

Photography and Audio/Video during classes is prohibited.




The Performing Arts Institute of Virginia is committed to the equality of educational opportunity and does not discriminate against applicants, students or employees based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability.











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